Things Vivaldi Browser should Improve

Vivaldi browser is full of features and functions, making it the most versatile browser in the market. Vivaldi team keeps innovating the browser with every monthly update But there are certain things that become stale over time and can ruin the browsing experience.

Note: I thought it would be better to provide some BG info. I am using the Vivaldi browser on Windows 10 on a gaming laptop. I have extensively tested each of these functionalities and concluded the following.

1. Startup Time

The first thing that everybody notices when launching an app is its starting time and unfortunately, Vivaldi totally fails in this regard. Vivaldi took around 6 to 9 seconds to launch properly with the background running disabled. While other Chromium-based browsers and Chrome itself took only 3 seconds.

2. More Consistent Design & Context Menus

The overall design of the Vivaldi browser is pretty decent but it has its shortcomings. For example, looking at the settings panel is a welcoming experience

But do you know that you can’t access all of your browser’s settings from this panel? Odd isn’t it and if you want to access your autofill information such as emails, addresses, or payment methods then you have to go to chrome://settings and a new settings panel will open which is the same as chrome’s setting panel.

Another dull & inconsistent thing is Context Menus meanwhile they are the same as Chrome. But I do think Team Vivaldi should make them more appealing like they are in MacOS and besides I hate the gigantic context menus in Edge but they are indeed more appealing.

Vivaldi vs. Edge Context Menu Comparison

Another thing that they can do is make sure all of these menus follow Corner Rounding options in themes, which will improve the overall consistency.

And lastly, the thing which haunts me the most is the lifeless bookmark icons. Everywhere I go I see them & every time I click on them, I can feel their pain & misery. So it's not too late to free these innocent icons from their agony.

3. Screenshot Tool

The Screenshot tool in Vivaldi is a nice addition, but it fails due to 2 reasons. First, it doesn’t allow you to annotate the captured area, and second, it also doesn’t allow you to capture a selected area and scroll at the same time. The Screenshot tool was also fail to capture some ending contents of a full-page screenshot but they have recently fixed it in an update.

4. Ability to Sync MORE!

Ahh! Syncing in browsers is truly a time-saver and Vivaldi Sync in fact is one of the best when it comes to the privacy and security of your synced data. You can set up an encryption password that will encrypt your synced data allowing only you to access it. But because there are features like Saving Sessions (which allows you to save your open tabs for later use) & Command Chains. (which automates some tedious repeating tasks that we all use on daily bases) it would be better if Vivaldi has the ability to sync them as well.

5. Hiding Extensions Selectively

The Extension menu in Vivaldi is pretty odd as well, it either allows you to show all the extensions or show none of them, with another odd option of showing extensions in a drop menu. So the Vivaldi browser should allow the users to hide or unhide their desired extensions.

6. Reading List Folders

Vivaldi recently added the ability to sync Reading List which is a nice addition. But due to different forms of content available online it would be better to add folders to your Reading List which will help users to further organize their curated content without getting lost.

7. Fixing Performance & Stability

I can’t stress it enough, if your software isn’t stable & smooth, your users can’t rely on it. Vivaldi has the problem of being cluttered & unreliable on Windows. I don’t know how it performs on the Mac. So Team Vivaldi, if you are listening make this browser less cluttered, less unstable, & less ram-consuming. That’s 3 less there 😉

So I have shared my thoughts, and now it's your turn to do so, feel free to comment below and give this article a Clap 👏 .



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